I want a woman who…

24 Mar

I want a woman who can win Fear Factor. Sitting here, watching the show now, it is solid in my mind; I want a woman who can win fear factor.

I mean win; not simply go on or do well. Sure she may be able to walk a bed of hot coals or shards of glass, or bungie jump from an Apache helicopter, but she also needs to be able to eat twelve live snails and lay in a pit of spiders and snakes. In fact, it’s not enough to simply do these things, but to do them faster or longer than the other women in the round.

Does the reverse hold true? Do women out there want a guy who can win Fear Factor? I confess I do not know, but would guess it is not as big an attraction as it is for men. I have some fact to back this up; there is a Playboy – Women of Fear Factor but there isn’t a similar offering from Playgirl.