Oh My God, They Cloned Kenny!

22 Aug

Well, here I am, on Blogger. Finally I have a *real* blog. I had always planned on using my personal domain, arrogant.us, for my blog, but never got off my butt to build the site. So, this is the next best thing! I have maintained a blog on MySpace.com since February, 2005 and will be moving over my posts as I get the time. I’ve already learned to use Picasa to post photos to blogger, and I must say it’s worth the alone. Often I have photos to share, but it was too much trouble to mess with photobucket or other image hosting sites, and then deal with the blog.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Osbasso for starting HNT which is how I got here in the first place. I learned of HNT though Tish and we started the MySpace group for HNT. I’ll still be very active there, and pushing for the group to take off (we had a respectable 3 posts last Thursday). I’ll be moving my blog to blogger though, I’m not going to maintain two blogs; maybe one day MySpace will support feeds… ya right!

Since I’m here, I figured I should try the South Park Studio; when in Rome!

Dude, that’s sweet!
  • That’s great! Looks just like you!!

  • Glad to have the both of you over here! I think you’ll like it. But keep working on those Myspace people and HNT. I think it could work!