Inuyasha (poem)

23 Aug


I’m not the man of my past,
i’ve changed, broken the cast.
You have set me free,
released from fate’s tree.

Unbound by hands of time,
we dance a pantomime.
Command sit, I will obey –
from your side I won’t stray.

Myself a fractional demon,
In a world uncommon,
I’ll save you though the years,
Just so long as you stroke my ears.


  • Kayla

    I really like it. You did a great job. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Heather

    It great. I can even sing it too.
    Job well done!!!!!!

  • stupidkid

    dat waz tight

  • punkgaopher

    good poem! even though kagome sucks inuyasha rules!!! muhahahaha!!!! go inuyasha!!

  • scorm

    i hate ppl who love kikyo!!! u suck person who likes kikyo how could u shes the one who killed inuyasha in the 1st place… kagome rules inuyasha likes her better then that pitty party kikyo

  • Ashley

    Nice poem i enjoyed it

  • dana

    it was really good i liked it

  • kagome doesn’t suck kikyo does

  • kim

    the poem rules

  • josh

    thats peom was awsome i just loved it and anyone that hates it hates the show and those that hate the show hate the world and they suck!

  • josh

    hi me agian like i siad this poem was awsome!!!!!

  • mary

    that was a great poem it was sweet i liked it kogme and inuyasha 4 ever

  • i hate ppl who love kagome she needs 2 be sllater by inuyasha in his full-demon form or something.
    inuyasha dezarbs 2 be with kikyo not (k a g o m e)that damn bit*# needs 2 die die die die die die die die die die die die die die okay do ya all get it know

  • josh

    Its been a year and im back baby good peom for the 3rd time mwahahaha!

  • liz


  • liz

    kagome is the best ever,

  • i’m going to go with kagome kikoy scuks! inuyasha and kagome forevr by the way I hate you kikoy lovers!!!!!!!!!


    you can do veter than that;FUCK TO EVERYONE WHO HATES KAGOME

  • Emily

    Well i loved it and Kagome is the best! i dont see how all u sluts and whores[thats right im callin u sluts and whores cuz thats wut Kikyo is]like her shes dead! and Kagome is alive! and if i was InuYasha i woodnt even touch Kikyo that wood just make me sick! shes like an effin zombie! thats just nasty!!Welp u heard wut i had to say!! so haha peace out bitches!!

  • unitle

    your moms stupid and kagome hot!!!!!!!!!

  • unitle

    ya your all sluts and bitchs

  • inuyasha is cool whi ever hate it they are guy.

  • your all bitchs

  • you mother fuckers using my name die

  • Kagome rules shes hot and so is sango

  • Gavin

    too bad the anime is uncontinued, i’m too lazy to read manga (dunno which manga that last ep was) but im really wondering if Inuyasha chooses kagome or kikyo. this is a frekin wonderfully scary love story rumiko takahasshi has set up.

  • taylor

    totaly asome just what i was hoping for



  • Inu-Yasha

    Well actually i enjoy both Kikyo and Kagome and see no reason to hate one or the other and if u have aprob let me know explain to me y either is better than the other here my email ( go ahead i check everyday so go ahead. p.s. which ever comes up with best reason i’ll make a video and post it on youtube promis again it is either kikyo or kagome is better than the other or thir both great.
    p.s.s I luv the poem

  • InuYasha09

    this was an awesome poem dude i totally loved it! ^_^

  • Demon_Sesshomaru

    it was awesome i guess…….humph but still need a lil push…but nice work….there.

  • inuyashalover

    i think its amazing
    i loved it
    and saved it on my computer
    and i love inuyasha

  • Annie_inuyasha

    Fuck u all, kikyo lovers! Kagome n inuyahsa ends up together anyway and fuck kikyo!!!!! Kagome rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh huh, im a bitch. N Sesshomaru is awsome by the way!

  • Ash

    i loooove kagome. If you don’t like kagome, you can go jump in a lagoon for all i care. PS. i loved the poem tooo. 🙂