The Distance Above (poem)

23 Aug

The Distance Above

Does a cloudy night miss the Northern Star?
Will a constellation long for thine eyes
to look upon it’s shimmer from afar,
and hold contempt these clouds of distant skies?
Just like the mighty wings of Pegasus
winds have lifted this traveler away,
to lands distant, strange; a foreign nexus
that which arrests the sight of my beloved Faye!
Heavens I shall not hesitate to damn
should they plot villainous clouds to disguise
my vision unto the Earth’s gentle lamb.
With cunning, clever skill I will devise
a mischievous plot to bring above
and gaze on radiant stars, with my love.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i mean good “hun”

  • GOKU

    hehehehe…nice work..hehehe >_* keep it up!!! and you’ll do just fine there! ^_^