• mike! it’s thursday where is your nekkidness? ok well turtle just pointed you have republican gun totin’ steak eatin’ conventions to go to… so maybe that’s why you’re out. i am very high right now! hahaha happy hnt

  • I’m still getting over the cold from last week… it just won’t go away. The gun totin’ steak eatin’ convention is held on Tues now, it used to be Thurs but that conflicted with tell your cousin you love them day (which seems to be celebrated only east of texas and south of the mason-dixon line).

    Actually I was at my writer’s guild poetry circle last night… but don’t fret there was steak and I’m sure at least two poets had their guns.

  • aren’t you from out of the mason dixie line – and from texas??

    You had steak at a poetry circle? man TN is soooooo not STL

  • As the “location” field in the top right of my page correctly shows, I live in Knoxville, TN. (you may also recal making note of the short drive from Stl to TN in early HNT posts). I was however born, and spent the majority of my pre-18 life in various parts of Texas.

    Just keep your tofu poetry circles outta my state and we’ll be just fine =p

  • well keep your cousin lovin parties out of my state and the same applies =P