Arab: It’s the new Black.

Today, I got home, made dinner, and turned the TiVo to last night’s Daily Show; my normal routine. John Stewart announced that Dubai has back out of the ports deal. Well, that’s not what’s happened, but that’s not what shocked me. What shocked me is the audience cheered like they were all at the Superbowl, and all from Pittsburgh.

Isn’t racism great?

*Warning reading past this point may cause doubts about the US and the US government. You may even experience the feeling that the USA is not as advanced as you have been told.*

First, some facts. (No one seems to care about those anymore). Dubai is not buying ports, they are looking at leasing terminals. What’s the difference? Well a port normally has 6-10 terminals. Dubai is looking at one terminal in 6 different ports. These ports were acquired when Dubai purchased Peninsular Oriental Steam Navigation Company, a British company.

80% of the US port terminals are owned by foreign companies, mostly Denmark, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Germany, France, and Japan. According to the US Commerce Department, in 2004 foreign direct investment in the US totals $1.5 trillion (Arab companies account for $9.3 billion). Foreign-owned companies contributed nearly $500 billion per year to the US gross domestic product. according to the Organization for International Investment, they account for 1/5 of all US exports, and employ more than 5 million US workers, with an average worker salary of $60K. That is 34% above what our own, US companies, pay.

So why the big deal over Dubai? They are Arab… aw hell, call them towel heads. Going to be racist, no need to dance around it, right? And we don’t want any towel heads in charge of the security of our nations border right?

Wrong. US Customs, Coast Guard, and the local port authority are in charge of security. Want to tighten security, get these guys better technology and the means to afford more officers. Do you really think if a US company ran the port they would watch shipments any closer than the law required? Even Google sets aside human rights in the face of China profits.

Has anyone considered Dubai (besides skin and towels)? They run 22 terminals in 15 other countries. They are the 3rd largest holder of DaimlerChrysler stock. They entered a joint venture with General Electric to invest in high technology projects across the Middle East and North Africa. Dubai’s home port is used as a major base of operations right now for the US military in the Mideast. The only fact mentioned against Dubai is that two of the 9/11 hijackers were from United Arab Emirates (UAE), and even that is a weak claim. The UAE is a country made of up 7 states, Dubai is only one of those states and nothing has even been linked directly to Dubai about 9/11.

None of this matters, only skin color counts. Dubai are towel heads, plain and simple. We don’t want their kind in our country. When Idan Ofer, the chairman of Israel’s largest shipping, line urges the US Congress to drop this opposition of an Arab company, you have to wonder how we got this fucked up. Well, you don’t have to wonder much, it’s simple really. Bush’s numbers are down, and the Republican Congressmen are looking an issue to distance themselves. The Democrats feel they finally have an issue they can get voters. A shame they have no problem the issue: racism.