Mrs. President Clinton

2 Aug

There is a good deal of talk that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2008.  Her opposition is coming more from Democrats than anywhere else: many Democrats don’t think she could win, so they don’t want her to run.  Let me give you a Republican’s view on why Democrats are wrong.

First, most people do not want George Bush in office, and do not want his buddies taking over when he leaves.  This was true in 2004, but the Democrats blew their chance to take advantage of the situation.  Instead of offering a leader, they offered a vanilla wafer, designed to offend no one and that results in inspiring nothing in the minds of voters.  A leader must lead, it is not enough to simply “not be Bush”.  If the Democrats run another play-it-safe candidate, they will loose in 2008.  Play-it-safe may work sometimes, but not when we have solders fighting on foreign soil.

Hillary is anything but play it safe.  Though I’ve often disagreed with her position on issues, I can respect her for having a position and defending it.  Too many members of our government try to avoid taking a position and look for the next check from their lobbyist friends.  Hillary has openly stated she does not support Bush’s methods in Iraq, and has said we must have a plan for bringing the troops home.  I’m not the only Republican who feels this way, and as a former serviceman myself I see Bush’s actions as a disgrace to our men and women in uniform.  I think Hillary would win many voters with this stance, though many will not openly admit that was a major reason for supporting her.

The Republican party is suffering from a cancer right now (you can tell those infected by the “W” sticker on their car window).  Religious activists have setup camp and are using the party to influence the government.  This has left those of us in the party who are true conservatives (you know, the ones who believe the Constitution meant for church and state to be separate) standing in the cold.  While shivering, we remember how the last President Clinton did more for conservatives than any republican in decades.  I can’t think that Hillary has that many views different from her husband; they have been active together in politics far too long.  Remember, it’s the economy, stupid?

My party needs a hard fall before the healing can begin.  Hillary Clinton is the best chemotherapy available right now.  I’ve often said we need the opposite of Bush next term, so barring a black, Jewish, female Democrat running Hillary will have to do. 

Democrats, don’t screw up this election too.

  • Gabriel.

    Imagine, if you will, a crime scene. A crime wrought of pure insanity. An entire room of people have been slaughtered with quick, messy, angry slices. A few well-known politicians lie motionless; their lifeless hands still trying to hold their intestines in. A wiped-clean meat-cleaver lies at the exit.

    Only three suspects exist.

    Dumbya Bush
    John Kerry
    Hillary Clinton

    Nuff said.

  • I’m sure you’re trying to say something deep here, and I’m sure it’s just me missing it…