10 things about Brico’s blog

31 Oct

I do not know Brico.  I have never met Brico, never emailed him, and never talked to him on the phone.  This did not stop Tish from asking me to post 10 things about Brico on my blog (because it’s his birthday).  You can see the problem this presents, yes?

So now I’ve put off meeting Brico, calling him, or even sending him an email, for too long: the project is due and I have to make it up as I go (welcome back High School).  So I’m going to stretch the assignment, and post 10 things about Brico’s blog.

  1. It’s on a black background with a skeleton of a fish.  That doesn’t move when you scroll.  It’s creepy.
  2. On my new 1280×1024 monitor, the banner graphic still manages to absorb 1/3 of my screen space.
  3. The word “trout” appears 32 times on the homepage.  (Seriously Tish, have you had this guy checked out?)
  4. Brico writes a direct or indirect male chauvinist remark at a rate of 2.3 times per post.
  5. Brico’s post archives go back to April 2004 yet his account was created February 2005. (Tish, carry some mace)
  6. The phrases “PETA”, “Greenpeace”, and “Blowup Doll” all appear on the homepage – very near to each other too. (I know the FBI is watching this guy)
  7. He links to (what he claims is) his daughter’s blog, however all the posts are by him.  (I believe this is proof he still plays with crayons and hangs the results on the refrigerator)
  8. He has a post titled “100 Tidbits about me” that could have made this post a whole lot easier had I seen it before now.
  9. He has openly confessed that he keeps two identical jars of peanut butter because one of them he does things to that he doesn’t want to contaminate the other with.
  10. The word “Tish” appears 10 times on the homepage.
  • *LMAO* Mike, I laughed so hard at this list! Terrific job! The part about Aspen’s blog is awesome! Thanks so much for posting! 🙂 I’ll link ya!

  • This is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!

    I bet Brico will love it after he stops crying. 🙂

  • Very nice, good research, and now you are even scaring me.

  • bbricotrout

    dang, only 2.3 times per post? im slipping! keen observations. i was aware of only a few of these. and yes, tish does carry mace. ill have to post about that little incident someday.
    thanks for the tip o’ the hat. very nice!

  • Mike, your list was one of my favorites! Thanks again for posting it.

    As for that incident with the mace, stay tuned to Brico’s blog for further details. 😉