iBlog, therefore I am

18 Apr

I got home tonight, and saw the Perry tagged me.  The topic is “Why do you blog?”  I think these “memes” are what happened to the chain-letter email in the Web 2.0 world…

It appears the meme requires me to list five reasons why I blog.  I don’t know that I have five reasons for anything I do, I’m a pretty simple guy.  Here goes:

  • I blog for vanity.  Seriously, knowing I’m high in a google search result makes my day (check out estarling problems, gridview totals, and inuyasha poems).
  • I blog to make things happen.  Indirectly. (For me).
  • I blog because there aren’t enough people I see daily I can tell about the quirks of DefaultMode on a FormView.
  • I have a blog because it gives me an excuse to have an opensource project.  Not sure if this counts.
  • I blog because I have important shit to say.

Now I’m supposed to tag five other people.  I doubt all these people read my blog, but I read theirs:






Hmmm… I just noticed I tagged four girls and only one guy.  Maybe there is a 6th reason…

  • *LOL*

    I laughed so hard when I read #5. And #6 too! Awesome! And I especially love the fact that you tagged Kevin Smith! You should post a comment on his blog and let him know. Maybe he’ll actually participate! 🙂

    I’m thinking of my list right now. I’ll definitely post! Thanks!

    Have a great night.

  • I agree these things are like chain letters, which I despise and always break, so maybe I’ll just break the next meme that comes my way and spare you the agony. Yet for some of us who don’t have such weighty things to blog about as estarling problems, gridview totals, or inuyasha poems, they do at least provide us some blogfodder.

  • My list has been posted. 🙂

  • You feed your vanity with Inuyasha poetry.


  • First, have you seen the number of comments on the inuyasha poem? You can’t deny results!

    Perhaps the worth thing I hate about the meme is proven here – how many comments I get in response, while the other great works of my blog contains go unremarked. Doesn’t help the ego 😉