Presentation: WTF is WPF?

26 Sep

WTF is WPF Example Code

This is the example solution I used tonight speaking at ETNUG.  To run this example you’ll need:

In the solution there are 10 projects – each one to highlight a different area of WPF:

  • 01_SimpleApp – A simple WPF “Hello World” app
  • 02_Events – Preview and Routed Events
  • 03_SizeApp & 04_SizeApp2 – Demonstrating some of the sizing aspects of WPF’s auto sizing
  • 05_Brushes – Basic Brushes and the VisualBrush
  • 06_DepProp – Dependant Properties
  • 07_AttachProp – Attached Properties
  • 08_Commands – Pre-Built Application Commands
  • 09_BoundProp – Data Bound Properties
  • 10_Thread – Threading in WFP (Dispatcher, Freezable) and Custom Commands

The two books I brought along an highly recommend are: 

Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (Pro – Developer)

3D Programming for Windows (Pro – Developer)

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  • Mike,

    You did an excellent job at the meeting the other night. It was amazingly informative and made me feel totally guilty for not giving 3.0 the level of attention that I should have been… /sigh.

    The biggest bonus of your speech was the deep understanding of the underlying process that you conveyed. As you said, most people simply jump into XAML, make pretty lights, and go about their merry way. We were able to really understand what was going on as opposed to simply punching keys on a keyboard.