Presentation: Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance

14 Oct

Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance Example Code and Slides
(Link updated 2007-11-14 from Memphis “Day of Dot Net” version)

I just arrived home from speaking at DevLINK in Nashville – I’ll be updating this post with more details later, but right now I just want to get the slides and example code used in my presentation available for download.  Thanks to everyone who attended and to the DevLINK staff for putting together a great convention.

Update: Now on Google Video – should play better and across more browsers/systems. You can download the WMV version here.

  • Hey,

    I really liked the scope of your presentation. Have you had a chance to crunch the video? With your permission, I would really like to use it as a reference to help train some of our new hires. You did an excellent job in stating things that made sense and promoted practices that were simple yet effective. Great job.


  • Thanks. I’m still working on converting the video, I keep having problems with the audio getting choppy (it’s not that way on the source). When I get it uploaded feel free to take it an use as you wish!

  • Great presentation, Mike!

  • I enjoyed attending your presentation, and especially liked the sword illustrations!