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10 Feb

image I’ve often called them "grilled cheese" blogs.  This is because much of their content feels like reading "…then I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch…"

There is nothing wrong with a grilled cheese blog – I read several.  I try to avoid such posts here because this is a code blog, and should be made mostly of code posts. (You could say that makes it a "ramen noodle" blog).

I still feel the need to make grilled cheese posts, and today I started a blog with Cicelie to do just that.  You can read more details about the origin of the blog in my first post.  Warning: the first post is a rant on WordPress.Com… (the blog is now at blogger.com)

Mike and Cicelie’s Blog: Black-Irish.Net

  • Awesome! I understand the feeling of wanting to keep the "code blog" and "personal blog" separate. It is almost as if we are trained to separate our work or someting, ;). As I work to redo by blog, I am faced w/ the same issue and I am pretty torn.

    Anyway, I will have to grab the feed and check it out. Cool stuff!

  • Yeah, as I mentioned on my site, I went through the same thing. It’s pretty clear to me at this point that my blog is primarily a personal blog, but I’d like to think my blog never gets to the point of "grilled cheese." I usually don’t post if it’s not something I’ve thought over thoroughly.

    Then again, you guys are doing the code blog in large part as a facet of career development. I’m realizing I don’t care horribly much about that, or at least I’m a "just get stuff done" kind of programmer, not the kind that writes about the latest neat thing he figured out. 😛 I honestly have to go out of my way to post something truly programming or gaming related, despite those being the major sections of my site.

    When I get my desktop back up and running, I’ll have to add the new blog to my list of feeds.