I luvs me sum stage

24 Feb

I’m back in Knoxville now after speaking at the Alabama Code Camp in Huntsville today.  I’m exhausted because I was up to 3am the night before arguing SOA with "my Elders" (actually, we had quite the .net nerd conversation among several speakers).  I also did four sessions, which were 45 minutes in length – much shorter than the normal 60-80 minutes.  While there was some debate which length of session was better for attendees, the fact there was no advanced warning meant my sessions we timed to fill up and hour and use remaining minutes for questions.  The shorter length meant a close eye on the clock, and skipping over some of the finer points.

Session format gripes aside, I had a great time.  I played Rock Band with some of the other speakers the night before, and now I *must* own the game.  Guitar Hero 3 is a sad little toy next to Rock Band.  Sucks that my Wii GH3 controllers won’t work with RB – but I’ll be getting the XBox 360 version of RB since there are a huge number of songs I can download when I tire of the initial set. (Wii still has no songs to download for GH3).

Several events are coming up soon, so stay tuned for updates.  I really enjoy speaking on .Net, so I’m applying to all I can make.  I’ll be in Little Rock March 27th for their Day of .Net, and will post updates as other dates become firm.