Where’s Mike?

3 Jul

I recently posted that everyone should read The Dip and I try to follow Seth’s advice pretty closely.  The current "dip" I’m slugging through is organizing CodeStock – which means I have to "quit" or ignore many other things to focus on getting through this dip.  Less time spent playing with new .Net toys, which leads to less blogging and less speaking.

One thing I’m slightly jealous about having to pass on is helping in the Ann Arbor Give CampTim Rayburn first told me about give camp’s last year at the Memphis Day of .Net, and ever since then I’ve wanted to be part of one (or more).  I am however glad to see Nathan Blevins jump in and assemble a remote team so that Knoxville developer’s can join in the Ann Arbor Give Camp, even if I can’t.

Fortunately however, a system has been created to allow one a temporary break from slugging through a dip – the vacation.  While most would imagine a vacation involves a beach and doing nothing, if we define vacation as "taking a break from daily routine to spend time doing an enjoyed activity" we see that a speaking tour is a vacation!

Next week I’ll be staying in the New Orleans’ French Quarter and speaking at nearby .Net user groups.  Below is a list of dates and groups – if you’re going to be in the area be sure to join in my vacation!

  • GNONUG in New Orleans, LA Mon 7/7 (topic TBD)
  • Perficient, Inc. in New Orleans, LA 7/8 @ 11:30 – Welcome to the Church of Agile
  • LANUG in Mobile, AL Tues 7/8 – From Zero to XAML
  • Acadiana .NET UG in Lafayette, LA on Wed 7/9 – SOA: Building the Arch
  • Hattiesburg, MS on Thurs 7/10 – "Geek Dinner" (this is still in the planning stages, but there will be something happening)