The Slants, a Zune, and a Podcast (Chainsaw Buffet)

24 Sep

image In the latest episode of Chainsaw Buffet Dylan, Charlie, and John went to Anime Weekend Atlanta.  While there they had the chance to record some on location interviews with the bands The Slants and The Man Power.

Last night, my new Zune 16GB came in (I’m a PC and I say f*ck fruit) and it was my first chance to check out Zune Pass.  It’s too early to review the Zune, but Zune Pass I can say is truly awesome: not only are you able to grab music all-you-can-eat style, but Channels let you subscribe to a weekly changing playlist of music for a given genre.  The social part kicks in with user submitted playlists called Mixtapes, and with the Zune Pass you can freely download the songs in the playlist.  I did find some songs not available for Pass and were only available for purchase – these all seemed to be from major acts that are known for this type of shenanigans (*cough* Metallica *cough*).  Since it’s been shown that people over 30 tend to stop seeking for new music, and I’m 32, I think I need this.

So, needing fresh music I was happy to see The Slants CD Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts on Pass.   I’ve played though the CD twice now and these guys are good!  Their style is a modern take on 80’s alternative bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure with some twists (I think I felt Duran Duran at one point).  They definitely have their own sound, but if you are a fan of the 80’s underground (and if you subscribe to this feed, I’ll bet you are) they are worth checking out.