CodeStock: An interesting chart

25 May


This weekend I’ve been working on the CodeStock budget and projections.  Last week we crossed the 2008 mark making CodeStock 2009 officially bigger than CodeStock 2008.  My job is to figure out how much bigger, and what that means to the budget.

To help me see where we are headed, I created the chart above of the number of days left until CodeStock plotted against the total registrations to date.  I’m surprised to see a pretty constant velocity, I would have expected  more of a last minute rush.  This constant velocity is a good thing since it makes it east to take a stab at final attendance.  My conservative estimate is 325 (I’m not sure what effect the price going to $45 will have on velocity).  For the curious, the space can handle 450.

The net result of all these projections is I need to raise another $2,000 for this year’s event.  Sponsorship has been hard to come by however, with the economy coming out of a technical depression, or at best “The Great Recession”.  That hasn’t hurt demand for CodeStock (or any community led conference from what I’ve seen this year), and hopefully I will be able to use charts like the above to dazzle and loosen marketing budget purse strings.

Speaking of which, if you are in control of marketing budget purse strings, and want to know how to get your brand and product in front of 325 passionate software developers, drop me an email at