CodeStock 2009 on Twitter

29 Jun


During CodeStock 2009, I was busy and didn’t get much time to check on email or twitter.  I subscribe to an RSS feed of a “CodeStock” search in my news reader so I don’t miss anything, and tonight I went though the 300+ tweets and saved off some of my favorites.

This is mostly for me, to pump myself up during the dark hours of organizing CodeStock 2010.  These tweets show it’s not about creating an awesome event, it’s about setting a stage where people can do awesome things.  I’ll have a post soon about my time planning/running/enjoying CodeStock this year, but for now enjoy these tweets.  (You can follow me on twitter as @ViNull and CodeStock announcements as @CodeStock)

@crazeegeekchick, @rachelappel standing around

@jayharris – I am so far vack in line at #codestock that I might as well register for #devlink. Hello, Nashville.

@bramhaghosh – Codestock rocked and looking forward to devlink but damn tn is hot and humid

@reneeholiday@codestock @archidraca kicks arse!! and has some really cool designs! so glad to meet you. 🙂

@crazeegeekchick – Geeks at codestock!!!

@wbm – Serious discussions at #codestock

@joshgrenon – I soldout @codestock!

@rkierner – Awesome conversations tonight with @skimedic, @agstemen and @johnboker. Looking forward to #codestock. Look for my "Pair w/ Me" sign.

@arcanecode – All fresh & clean. They even have that indoor plumbing I’ve heard so much about. All beautified for my #CodeStock presentation this AM!

@MLaritz – I’m never up this early … Thanks #codestock

@jwright – I recorded most of @alanstevens Opening Circle on the iPhone at #Codestock. Uploading now to YouTube. Will tweet out when it’s uploaded.

@ChrisLove – Hey #CodeStock folks WAKE UP!!!! Its almost 10, where are your tweets????

@kirstinj@rachelreese and I need a ride to #Codestock from the ghetto hotel (La Quinta). (The princess has finally awakened- it is 7 am her time)..

@sbeardsley – Learned new term "defugging" debugging with the F Keys (F5, F10, F11) #Codestock

@joshholmes – Riding my ’77 gl1000 down to #codestock from philly. Just crossed into tn!

@jbkazoo@mjeaton …sweet… what happens on the way to #CodeStock stays at #CodeStock (ROFL)

@mattbrewer@AlanBarber Thanks & once again, you help the folks who arent at the venue feel like they are there! #codestock

@alanbarber#deepfriedbytes live tonight at 5:00pm in the #codestock auditorium! be there or woody and elder will cry!

@kirstinj – R @RachelReese and I have started our own Cool Kids club. You can only be in it if you’ve never been an MVP. #CodeStock

@scottradcliff – The #codestock tweets are making me angry. I’m jealous!

@pngwen – Back from day one of #codestock. Installing my free copy of windows 7 RC!

@kirstinj – Geeks eating and tweeting. #CodeStock

@cwoodruff – Waiting for midget wrestling at Electric Cowboy #codestock

@gmakinabakan – Beer=England food=thai friend=turkish music=jamaica place= #Codestock Tenessee. This is the international Scott

@sbeardsley – People with eat, sleep, code shirts are dancing in the crowd to reggae… I see you! #Codestock

@alanbarber – RT @benfarmer: Big thanks goes out to @_Neville for an excellent #codestock after party. Nev FTW!

@arcanecode – Wiped out. Time for some Zs, tomorrow is another exciting day at #CodeStock. Especially looking forward to @whimsql open space SSIS session

@joshgrenon – Things to do after #codestock

@BwanaJim@joshgrenon Number 11: spend all night twittering about #CodeStock and sleep through Saturday’s sessions.

@kirstinj – OH: "I love cross-site scripting attacks!" #CodeStock

@kirstinj@thingles Well, they kicked us out of the pool at 10pm. #CodeStock

@81bronco – By far the most entertaining portion of the evening was watching people tweet to each other while standing 3 ft apart. #CodeStock

@LinqKinq – If you attended my Inside LINQ talk at #Codestock, I appreciate feedback at

@steverb – Time to get ready to stock some code. #codestock #my_son_is_annoying_me_this_am

@joshholmes – All excited about my "Lost Art of Simplicity" keynote this morning at #codestock. Had lots of ideas on the bike yesterday – 15 new slides…

@WhimSQL – I’m hiding in open spaces… 😀 #codestock my examples for my 1050 session wont load guess ill draw on the board. :p

@cmm1869 – Heading to #codestock to speak on starting a company. Great ay to start a Saturday!

@cwayman – RT @elijahmanor: Great keynote by @JoshHolmes on "The Lost Art of Simplicity"… presentation can be found at #codestock

@JustinEtheredge – Wishing I was at #codestock , darn weddings! 🙂

@alanbarber – koans installed and fired up rake… way cool!!!!!! #codestock

@alanbarber – lot of the tribe is here in the ruby koans talk… I think it’s just to get to be at one with the great Leon 🙂 #codestock

@kemmis – Nice job on the #codestock keynote this morning @joshholmes!

@alanbarber – Learned a lot about ruby with the awesome help from the loveable huggable @fallenrogue #codestock

@ben_henderson – Networking at lunch. #codestock

@mamund@carpdeus and i just did a lap around the pond outside the #codestock auditorium. now back for more sessions!

@tobint@chrisgwilliams I can’t find @rachelreese or anyone. I think they all started their own mini-codestock without us.

@cschuman – Following @kirstinj because her codestock tweets are hilarious

@kelleystar – The presenter, James Bender, is wearing a Green Lantern shirt. Don’t see those that often. #codestock

@kirstinjCodeStock:IDrinkable #CodeStock

@brianhprince – aaccidentally forgot to go to panel on buildong community bc I was eengaging the community. sorry @vinull #codestock

@agstemen@jamesbender beeeeennnndddeeeeeer! #codestock #HeckleByTwitter

@ricardovg – Nice to see some beautifully written code at the #codestock course showing how DevEvents works!

@kirstinj – If anyone sees @alanstevens can you please tell him I’m done running? Thx #codestock

@areynolds65#Codestock 2009 has come to an end. I enjoyed all the sessions I attended but really liked the one on XNA Game Dev at the end.

@kirstinj – OH: "What do you need an IDE for? You got TextMate and you’re on a Mac." #CodeStock

@nonsensepoem – Good times at Codestock. Joe Bower, Mike Neel were great. Looking fwd to next year. #codestock

@kirstinj – OH: "Oh Wally, PLEASE don’t leave me!" #CodeStock

@kirstinj – OH: "You should just call it ‘Laid Camp" and then everyone would come." Discussing "Laid-off Camp" at #CodeStock

@tedneward – Bummed *I* didn’t get a drunk voicemail from #codestock ….

@rkierner – Chilling at the #codestock after party listening to @steveandrews play guitar and enjoying a calming fire. Mellow feel at casa @alanstevens

@bramhaghoshCodestock rocked and looking forward to devlink but damn tn is hot and humid

@AlanGHecht – Listening to Alan Stevens sing at #codestock after party

@BrianGenisio – Will be starting a game of Carcasone in LaQuinta 250. Stop by if you want! We have beer 🙂 #CodeStock

@timoconnell – the #codestock after-party is officially over. @Kirstinj is flying with a 12 yr old.

@kirstinj – And now that @tobint ‘s flight has taken off and he is probably passed out, I am officially the last person awake from #CodeStock

@agstemen#Codestock was great again this year! Thanks @vinull @alanstevens @wbm and everybody else involved for all your hard work!

@WhimSQL@alanstevens thanks for all the fish. 🙂 #codestock

@mamund – i just posted my slides and samples from #codestock 2009. Programming w/ #HTTP/#REST…

@waltal – A hearty Well Done! to @ViNull, RecruitWise, and other people and #CodeStock sponsors. Great event, even if I didn’t get a door prize!

@mamund – i talked to eric and gary of (yep, .jobs!) while #codestock. great folks. need some staffing?…

@cathybrinkman – Returned from #Codestock last night. Enjoyed cool presentations – robotics & XNA; and a lot of WCF, WPF, #Silverlight, MVVM.

@kirstinj – RT @alanstevens: Uploaded my CodeStock photos here:

@ViNull – I just figured out what I want CodeStock 2010 to be – damn, I have to wait a year to do this!

@ViNull#CodeStock 2009 Photos posted

@steverb – Joshua in the front row at #Codestock . That’s my boy. Hopefully he’ll give me a job. #fb

@steverb – Heh. Joshua grills the panel. #codestock #fb

@rkierner – Classic: on the way home frm #codestock. twice i scared the crap out of sleeping passengers w/ sudden breaking @jamesbender & @gregmalcolm

@cogitu@BrianPrescott I’ll put everything on late tonight, but I’d like to keep things at when they get an area setup

@RachelHawley – Woah, I missed a serious pool party at CodeStock. Hope it went off well guys!

@jbaird_pa – And home from #codestock…1412 miles round trip…

@Alric – Home from #codestock . Good sessions. Great community. Awesome event.

@alanbarber – Final round of #codestock photos are up to check out. Includes a few from the friday night social!