CodeStock 2010 Keynote: Rachel Appel

21 Feb


It is with great honor I announce the keynote speaker at CodeStock 2010 will be Rachel Appel.  Rachel is a well known and respected speaker, a rising star of the .Net community.  I have no doubt she will giving the keynote address at larger conferences in the coming years, and I will have a bit of self pride when I say she’s been the keynote speaker at CodeStock!

I’ve known Rachel for several years now, as a fellow speaker,  ASPInsider, and ASP.NET MVP.  She has been involved with CodeStock 2008 and 2009, and holds the Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCAD & MCSD certifications (she knows her stuff!).

Her work in the community goes beyond speaking at community and professional events across the nation.  Rachel is the Vice President of the .Net Valley user group, as well as a leader and regular speaker in the Philly.NET and Central Penn.NET user groups of Pennsylvania.  In January of 2010, Rachel joined Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism team as a Developer Evangelist for the New York City metro area.

Want to join Rachel?  CodeStock is still accepting speakers!

We are still looking for speakers for CodeStock 2010 (deadline is February 28, 2010).  We need not only developer focused topics, but also IT Pro and entrepreneur topics as well.  If you have a podcast or an idea for a panel discussion, we are taking submissions for those as well.

My topic is NDA though, can I submit a session?

I just returned from two weeks of GameFest and Microsoft’s MVP Summit, so I know some awesome stuff that is top secret today, but will be public knowledge by CodeStock.   We will accept NDA topics (so long as they will be public before CodeStock 2010) – just submit a session as “NDA” in the area you think it best fits.  Be sure to submit some non NDA sessions in that area as well, incase a last minute changes is needed.  NDA sessions will be selected by the CodeStock committee, and not available for attendee vote, or listed before the NDA is lifted (that may be obvious, but wanted to state that to be clear).

Should I focus on intro content, or “go deep”?

Both.  We welcome developers and IT pros at all levels, and just because a person is an expert in one area doesn’t mean they aren’t a novice in another.

Isn’t CodeStock a Microsoft only event?

NO!  CodeStock is open to any technology and platform, however submissions in non Microsoft have always been light.  We cannot select a session topic that isn’t submitted, so if you want to see a greater representation of your favorite platform, speak up (literally!).

To submit a topic to CodeStock 2010 and read more on the selection process, please visit us at

Michael C. Neel
CodeStock Lead Organizer