CodeStock 2013: Quest for Fun

11 Jul

It’s CodeStock’s Eve here in Knoxville, TN and people from all over the country are headed to our little town for two days of amazing knowledge and expertise sharing.  For the first time ever, I will be speaking at CodeStock instead of running the show!

If you only attend one session at CodeStock 2013 you’re doing it wrong, but make that session my What is Fun? talk (Friday Morning 8:30 AM rm 413b).  I’m renaming this to "Quest for Fun" since it will be the culmination of the last few years studying game design.  Don’t think this session is just for game designers – there is a lot here that can be applied to anyone writing software for use by other people.  Ultimately this is a talk about how to be a better developer through the lens of game design.

I’ve been giving talks KickStarter for a year now, but if you’ve seen them I promise you there will be something new in Kickstarter: Crowd Funding by the Numbers (Friday Morning 9:50 AM rm 413b).  What’s new?  Stats.  Real Stats.  I’m not talking wussy averages, but correlations.  All the stuff from that Statistics  101 class you had in college and now forgot.  The session is 50% statistical analysis and 50% my personal thoughts on how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign.  It’s (statistically, zing!) significant stuff, and if you went to my talk above it’s directly after in the same room.  Win-win.

The last session is a last minute addition and not listed on the site (but is listed in the mobile app): Intro to Game Development with Unity (Saturday 9:50 AM rm 413a).

Recently at //Build Microsoft announced Unity support will be coming for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Xbox One, but what is Unity?  Unity is a cross platform game development IDE that can target PC. Mac, Linux, Web, iOS, Android, PlayStation (PS3, PS4, Vita, and PSM), Xbox 360, and Wii U – many of these for free.  Code in Unity can be written in JavaScript or C# and uses the open source .Net implementation Mono under the hood.  You can even use Visual Studio as the code editor!

This session will be a live demonstration of Unity, and a look at some simple games made with Unity.  The format will be an instructor led discussion so come with any questions you have about Unity.  For more information about Unity or to download the free version visit

Really looking forward to a relaxing time at CodeStock – I never knew such a thing existed!