Google Can You Hear Me?

Jumpin Pete! by Art Silva In June of 2006 I wrote an article titled "Google Can You Hear Me? How to design URLs that are search engine friendly" that also included a sidebar titled "The Worst Framework Bug You'll Ever Meet".  I've linked both of those to PDF versions of the article, as it appeared in the Marck 2007 edition of ASP.NET Pro magazine.  I've also uploaded the example project and code (C# and VB) that was available to download with the article.

When checking out the code, please keep in mind this was June of 2006 - ASP.NET 2.0 was still pretty new and we were all wondering which AJAX framework was best.  I was young then and life was easy - the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 11,000.  There are better ways to write a SiteMapProvider but the main point of the article - generating pretty URLs that get eaten up by search engines - is still just as valid.

Oh, the nasty framework bug that can keep your site out of the search engines was fixed with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 - if you're running anything less than the latest service pack spend some time digging into the reasons for this bug and how to test your site by reading Get GoogleBot to crash your .NET 2.0 site.

Posted By Mike On Saturday, October 11, 2008
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