Papa’s got a brand new blog

1 Jan

Welcome to the new! -ed. This post was originally titled “Meet the new blog, same as the old blog” but the Who references have been many and the Godfather demands equal time. Aside from the ascetics and no longer … Read More »

Switching to Google Reader

31 Jul

I’ve used Bloglines for almost 2 years now.  I like the interface, I like the way “Keep New” works, and I like the fact I can share my OPML and use it to drive my links page.  What has sucked … Read More »

iBlog, therefore I am

18 Apr

I got home tonight, and saw the Perry tagged me.  The topic is “Why do you blog?”  I think these “memes” are what happened to the chain-letter email in the Web 2.0 world… It appears the meme requires me to … Read More »