The No-business Meeting

20 Feb

Lately I’ve had a fascination with the world’s financial systems.  More than just the current crisis, I’ve been reading on the history of finance as well.  Currently I’m reading The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World by … Read More »

Papa’s got a brand new blog

1 Jan

Welcome to the new! -ed. This post was originally titled “Meet the new blog, same as the old blog” but the Who references have been many and the Godfather demands equal time. Aside from the ascetics and no longer … Read More »

Girls on Guitar

21 Nov

I recently bought Guitar Hero 3 (GH3) for the Wii.  This is my first time playing any of the guitar hero games and I can let other “real” guitar players know your six string skill give no edge in the … Read More »

I’m a Twit

10 Nov

Seriously.  This is now a good thing, like how bad now means good.  Or so I’m told.  My new twitter account.  If you don’t know what that is, I envy you – don’t click it.  Forget you ever saw this … Read More »

Little Deaths of Freedom

8 Aug

Freedom doesn’t die in one grand stoke.  Threats to freedom don’t come in the form of bombs or bullets.  Freedom is bleed to death slowly by secrecy, lies, and apathy. I don’t know if you’re reading my legal-political link blog, but … Read More » me no questions

20 Jul

Unless you live under one of the few remaining rocks with no Internet service, you know Ask has been on a major campaign to cut into Google’s home front – search.  While this is mostly a comical footnote with wonderful … Read More »