.Net WPF Links, Sugar no Cream

23 Jul

Yes, I’ve now officially achieved “regular weekly” status with my link round-up post!  Today’s menu special: WPF, seasoned,  lightly breaded, fried and served with slaw.  Golden, brown, and delicious. New Nibbles: Blend & WPF – Nibbles are little bite sized … Read More »

.Net Link Roundup

16 Jul

I’m going to steal the link roundup post idea from the blogoshpere for my very own.  I plan on doing this weekly, but it may not be the same day every week.  You’ll just have to subscribe to my rss … Read More »

Hell in a hand basket

27 Sep

It seems to me the mainstream media is getting worse. More and more I have come to distrust any information received though radio and television, and question anything in print. Where have all the journalists gone? Like every great media … Read More »