My Desktop

1 Oct

Tish tagged me to post a screenshot of my desktop.  Even though I have strong feelings about such things, I’m going to go ahead and share my desktop: It’s wide because I run two monitors, a 19 inch widescreen and a … Read More »


7 Jul

I just added Alan Stevens Blog to my Bloglines account, and I’m ashamed.  Not because I added him, but because I just now did this.  Alan runs the local .Net user’s group, and he does an amazing job of mixing … Read More »

iBlog, therefore I am

18 Apr

I got home tonight, and saw the Perry tagged me.  The topic is “Why do you blog?”  I think these “memes” are what happened to the chain-letter email in the Web 2.0 world… It appears the meme requires me to … Read More »

Scoregasm’s Johari Window

2 Mar

I normally don’t play in the reindeer blog games, but Tish cornered me in chat. This simple little site lets you pick 5-6 words you think describe me, and see how those words compare to what I picked along with … Read More »

Counting blue cars

30 Aug

Normally I don’t play blog games that ask you to fill in a survey. Today I’m going to break from tradition and fill out a survey I saw in Daryl’s blog. Daryl was sent an email by a kid research … Read More »