DragonCon: Day 1

2 Sep

My first day of DragonCon is now over.  If you’re looking for the photos of the almost naked chicks, find that on my flickr site.  A recap of the day: We arrived in Atlanta around 1pm.  It then took another … Read More »

Freedom Fest: 2006

3 Jul

The city of Alcoa, TN holds a yearly Freedom Fest, which is really a 4th of July thing they move to the nearest Saturday. This year I went with the girls, Mom and Cicelie to the all day event. I … Read More »

Photo frenzy!

21 May

Because I’ve been working on getting the ViNull.Com site up, I’ve put off posting – and this includes photos. I was lucky, I think, in that my camera broke during this time so I wouldn’t have many photos to post … Read More »

Hiking with Cameras

14 Mar

This past Sunday I went with some shutterbug friends to Grotto Falls in Gatlinburg. The day was mostly overcast, and I’m told that is great waterfall photography conditions. I’m not to the point in my shutter skill where such things … Read More »