Tell The Truth

24 Sep

I had this for lunch today.  More in a moment. In the documentary Art & Copy Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby talk about creating the “Got Milk?” campaign.  You may be old enough to remember the prior campaign “Milk does … Read More » me no questions

20 Jul

Unless you live under one of the few remaining rocks with no Internet service, you know Ask has been on a major campaign to cut into Google’s home front – search.  While this is mostly a comical footnote with wonderful … Read More »

Published and on Tour

20 Mar

I have written many things in my life; music, poetry, stories, and articles to name a few.  Yet, until this month no one has ever said, “I am willing to give you money for your words.”  I’ve asked several times, and … Read More »

Search the Long Tail of Code

5 Dec

I’m announcing a new feature to tonight, though it’s been up for a few days now: ViNull Blogger’s Code Search.  Based on a Google Co-op search, this search will search .NET blogs that regularly post code examples and tutorials. … Read More »