The Blank Canvas

21 Sep

Nothing frightens me more than the blank canvas. Pure freedom is terrifying. It can be a paint canvas, an empty notebook, or a screen of white.  In that moment, perfection.  Any thing I do, action I take, addition I make … Read More »

Daydream On

23 Aug

Daydream On catch a cold war and peace of my heart attackseven of nine thirty something to do it yourself kitfour sided square root of evil empire strikes backcatch a cold war and peace of my heart attackalso known as … Read More »

Where the Week Ends

23 Aug

Where the Week Ends Goodnight kisses from little daughtersare the sweetest candies for loving fathersTales told over yawning lips and sleepy eyesbring forth rainbow dreams in sunny skies Recall the day spent in a summer’s parkplayground games played away till … Read More »

The Distance Above (poem)

23 Aug

The Distance Above Does a cloudy night miss the Northern Star?Will a constellation long for thine eyesto look upon it’s shimmer from afar,and hold contempt these clouds of distant skies?Just like the mighty wings of Pegasuswinds have lifted this traveler … Read More »

Inuyasha (poem)

23 Aug

Inuyasha I’m not the man of my past,i’ve changed, broken the cast.You have set me free,released from fate’s tree. Unbound by hands of time,we dance a pantomime.Command sit, I will obey –from your side I won’t stray. Myself a fractional … Read More »

At the Center

23 Aug

At the Center Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold – W.B. Yeats Vigorously vortexed in chaosmoments razor through skin,clutching for expiring embers;stony shield for all securedivine purpose upon command –refusal cannot be granted;focal point for the rim. Balance, impossible … Read More »

Cigarette, Cigarette

23 Aug

Cigarette, Cigarette Cigarette, cigaretteburning up time I stepped outside tonightand lit up a cigaretteSuch a long whilesince I savored the calm Taken back to when Iwas only nineteen years,Two stripes on my sleeveso many thoughts in my mind The only … Read More »

No Running (poem)

23 Aug

No Running It sits proudlyin the living roomand casts anaura of prestige You mustn’t runin the living roomor you may tumblethe vase to the floor You mustn’t jumpin the living roomor you may landon top of the vase You mustn’t … Read More »

Diagnosis (poem)

23 Aug

Diagnosis I remember sitting inthe office. Hard plastic chairoffered little comfort,no matter because I couldnot be comforted He held a clip boardpages rolled underneathMedical texts were downfrom shelf, pages bentat corners A pretense was giventhat he was just readingthe reports. … Read More »